No Water

  • Check water meter tap is turned on. Meter is usually located at the front of the premises, near footpath or garden bed or around front of house.
  • If you still have no water call your water supplier and see if there are any works or faults within the area.
  • Check with your neighbours to see if they have any water.
  • Have you paid your water bill?

No Hot Water

  • Is your hot water service gas or electric?
  • Is there any water leaking from the unit?
  • If the unit is GAS, can you see if the pilot light has gone out ? or Have you tried to light this yourself by following the instructions on the panel?
  • Have you paid your gas / water / electricity bill?
  • If the unit is ELECTRIC, check if the unit is showing any error codes, have you used all of the hot water? If so there is generally a “boost” button.
  • Check the mains meter box, has the electric hot water service switch tripped? If so this can be switched back on.

Water Leaking

  • If the water is excessive, more than dripping and is quite heavy you can turn your water meter off. This will be located outside and in your front yard.
  • Leaking toilet or toilet cistern constantly running/dripping. There is a tap located at the back of your toilet. You can turn the tap off and you will still get a number of flushes from your cistern, this will alleviate turning off your entire water supply until a plumber can attend.

Blocked Drains/Sink

  • Lift out the plug and remove any build up waste/hair,
  • Have you tried to use “Draino” and or a plunger? These items can be purchased from a supermarket. Please be advised if a plumber attends and finds something has been put down the drains, or the block is due to lack of cleaning hair from shower drain etc…, the costs associated will be the responsibility of the Renter (tenant).


No Gas

  • Have you checked your gas meter is in the “On” position?
  • Has the gas provider “Tagged” your meter?
  • Have you paid your bill?
  • Contact your gas supplier to check if there is any works being conducted within the area.
  • If you live within an Apartment complex, please call your Owners Corporation Manager and check that there are no faults within the building.

Gas Leak

  • Immediately ensure all your appliances are switched off and your gas meter is switched off. This should not be turned back on until a licenced Gas plumber has attended.


No Electricity

  • Check mains switchboard located in your meter box to see if any switches are tripped.
  • Re set the mains by switching to the off position, wait 15-30 seconds and switch back on.
  • Have you paid your electricity bill?
  • Contact your energy supplier to ensure there are no power outages within the area.
  • Do your neighbours have power?
  • If you have lost power or lights to only parts of the house you will need to follow these steps before an electrician attends as it could be a faulty appliance (for example, kettle, lamp, phone charger, toaster)
  • Turn off all power points inside the premises.
  • Ensure that all plugs have been removed from the socket.
  • Go outside to your meter box, reset your main switch by switching to the “Off” position, wait 15-30 seconds and switch it back on.
  • Start plugging items back into the power points one at a time, if something trips this again, this means that that item is faulty, and you will need to immediately stop using it.
  • Please be advised if an Electrician attends site to repair, they will carry out this task first. If found the shortage to be one of your appliances the costs associated will be the responsibility of the Renter (tenant).


Split System / Evap Cooling

  • Filters require cleaning every 3-6 months,
  • Have you tried to change the batteries in the remote?
  • Have you tried to troubleshoot using the instruction manual?
  • On extremely hot days with temperatures over 35 degrees your cooling unit will not work effectively or efficiently due to the high temperatures.

Oven Not Working

  • Is this electric or gas?
  • Is the timer set? Some ovens do not function without the timer being set.
  • Check meter box to see if the switch has tripped.


Contact your provider