Jemma Sheridan

Office Manager

A keen interest in real estate is what had a young Jemma Sheridan, walk through the doors of Boutique, but it was her warm smile and nothing-is-too-much-to-handle attitude that made her one of the most important and well-loved members of the Boutique family.
Office manager and right hand to the directors, rest assured you are in the right hands, and it takes the right hands to deal with all matters of organising, coordinating, and delivering exactly what is required to facilitate the best client experience.
Always the first to help and last to leave, Jemma will anticipate your needs before you do, and is the reason most clients ask for her by name. Honest to a fault, Jemma's relationships with her clients are long-term friendships, built on an undeniable work ethic and commitment.
When not ensuring the daily operations of Boutique are running like a well-oiled machine, Jemma is as passionate about kicking back and enjoying some down time with her team and an amaretto sour.