Our Commitment

Boutique Estate Agency represents a genuine hands on approach which will lead the way in local real estate services. Located on the border of Dandenong North and Mulgrave whilst covering a wide network of suburbs from Clayton right through to Berwick makes Boutique Estate Agency able to cater to a large portion of the south eastern corridor.

Our ability to read the market, having an outstanding record for exceeding clients’ expectations – both at auction and with private sales – and our teams’ total commitment to exceptional client care, has made Boutique Estate Agency the clear leader in real estate sales & property management in the South Eastern area.

"It has always been and always will be about quality & service. We’re passionate and dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the finest experience with their number one asset"

Suraj Samaranayake


Company History

After many years of gaining valuable experiences from specialising within the local area. The exciting next chapter was always to own and operate a dynamic real estate agency with only quality and a total commitment to local homeowners in mind. This dream was fulfilled with the opening of Boutique Estate Agency in 2014. Now as the directors of the most dynamic and professional agencies in the area makes Suraj & Thinh key players in the local real estate scene.

Boutique Estate Agency is strategically positioned on the border of Dandenong North and Mulgrave which enables it to exclusively cater to the wider community making Boutique the ideal agents to assist with the local buying and selling requirements.

With a diverse and highly experienced team, together with the sole purpose of offering the finest Boutique Experience has greatly assisted us to successfully cater to the evolving community values, generational changes and market trends of the South Eastern suburbs.

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